For colours such as 'bleu-vert', how would you agree them?

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8 February 2018

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For colours such as 'bleu-vert', how would you agree them?

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9 February 2018


Hi Jiali,

if you use a color composed of two adjectives (such as in the example you give, or, e.g., bleu-clair, brun-foncé, etc.) neither of them changes. So you get off free!

Des chaussures bleu-vert. -- Blue-green shoes (no arguing about taste, please;).

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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30 August 2018


Hi Jiali,

Just to add to what Chris said, when a colour is followed by a noun or an adjective the same rule applies, but without the hyphen- 


Des blousons bleu marine Navy blue jackets

Des cheveux châtain clair = Light brown hair

Hope this helps!

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