How do these work with en?


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18 April 2017

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How do these work with en?

If you want the quantifier to be a direct object, would you use it like: Paul a bu quelques verres de vin hier ---> Paul en a bu quelques hier ??

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19 April 2017


Bonjour Hanna ! Actually, "quelques" is a special case here, as you would need to add "-un(e)s" as such: "Paul en a bu quelques-uns hier." -> Though note that this isn't at all colloquial to say "He's had a few.". In French, to express this idea, you'll rather say "Il a pas mal bu hier." or "Il a bien bu.". You can say "Il en a bu plusieurs." but not "Il en a bu de nombreux." => you'll say "Il en a bu beaucoup." instead :) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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