I have, I will, etc.

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16 December 2017

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I have, I will, etc.

In English when someone asks, "Have you finished your homework"? we say, "I have". When someone says to tell someone hello for me, we say, "I will". What are the French equivalents to these short responses? I know the meaning is implied in English but can you do the same in French?


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16 December 2017


In English it is considered a bit contrite and less than polite simply to answer "Yes" or "No". I am not sure the same holds true for French. Often you add something like "Oui, madame", or "oui, s'il vous plaît", or "oui, merci." I am not aware of a direct correspondence to the English "Yes, I have" or "yes, I will." -- Chris (not a native speaker)


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17 December 2017


One might also state «Oui, bien sûr.» to either question depending on who is asking the question. I do agree with Chris that «Yes» or «No» is less than being polite in English, but then again it depends on context, i.e. who is asking the question.


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19 December 2017


Bonjour Cameron !

That's an interesting question.
In French, you cannot use that kind of "auxiliary" verb to answer someone: this is actually very typically English :)

Instead, you'll simply use oui or non.
In some cases, you can also repeat the original verb and use the pronoun le (or l') to refer to a previous idea, as such:
Tu penses que c'est bien ? Oui, je le pense.
Do you think it's good? Yes, I think so.

Have a look at our related lesson:

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !


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17 January 2018


Thank you for your answers. That helps me out.

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