I think family is singular in English.


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25 November 2015

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I think family is singular in English.

This relates to:
Nouns that are plural in English but singular in French, and vice versa -


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25 November 2015


Bonjour Stephen, We get a lot of questions about things like this. Some English speakers say "the family is" while others say "the family are." You can read our policy here: https://www.french-test.com/is-this-english-correct


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26 November 2015


Yes, you are right it is Family in singular and families in plural


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22 April 2018


As I understand it, it is a distinction between American and British English. American English treats most collective nouns as singular, with exceptions like "police" and "people," which use plural verbs. I have to say, my American ears strongly object to "the family are." If I were to say it, I am pretty sure Mrs. Holden, my sixth grade grammar teacher, would turn over in her grave.

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