Inde l' or d' or none

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31 July 2018

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Inde l' or d' or none

Sometimes you see India written like Inde (Informations générales sur Inde)

Sometimes you see  with an l' connaissance de l'Inde

How to know when to use l' and when not to? 


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31 July 2018


Bonjour Divya !

I'd say that you first example is incorrect, as in French you will always use the definite article (here l') with countries in such sentences.

So I would say: Informations générales sur l'Inde

See our related lesson:

You will use d'Inde when indicating a provenance (from India) :
des épices d'Inde
Je viens d'Inde. 

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !

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