Is it more appropriate to say use Qu'est-ce que c'est que in spoken form?

Is it more appropriate to say use Qu'est-ce que c'est que in spoken form?

...and Qu'est-ce que c'est is appropriate written form. What did we mean by more formal?
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AurélieKwiziq language super starCorrect answer
Bonjour Anish (and Max) !

Max, I find it weird that you heard "Qu'est-ce" on its own, as it's very old-fashioned and antiquated...

The nuance is between "Qu'est-ce que + thing" vs "Qu'est-ce que c'est que + thing" to express "What is + thing":
"Qu'est-ce que la Tour Eiffel ?"
"Qu'est-ce que *c'est que* la Tour Eiffel ?"

The first one is more formal as it's simply the inverted form (always considered more elegant), whereas the second one is more colloquial, and will be more used in everyday speech.
I would actually add that the most common way to ask this in colloquial speech would be a third option:
"C'est quoi, la Tour Eiffel ?"

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !
AurélieKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Bonjour Mary !

In the first case, you're asking confirmation that it is indeed the Eiffel Tower:

C'est bien la Tour Eiffel ?
C'est ça la Tour Eiffel ? (a bit more disdainful)

The second case is actually asking what the Eiffel Tower is:

Qu'est-ce que c'est, la Tour Eiffel ?
C'est quoi, la Tour Eiffel ?


Bonne journée !

In today's French, I often hear "Qu'est-ce?" - such as on TV5MONDE or podcats. I'm old school and prefer the longer older form. But I am not a native speaker.
Dear Aurélie / Max, thank you for the answers. Is it right to use "Qu'est-ce que *c'est que* la Tour Eiffel?" in written form or is it only restricted to colloquial speech. Regards Anish
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Anish ! It's not considered very elegant to use it in wirtten form: we'll prefer the "qu'est-ce que" option :) Bonne journée !
What is the difference between saying "Is that the Eiffel Tower" and "What is the Eiffel Tour"?

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