Je suis


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5 August 2016

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Je suis

So I am and I follow is the same? I am you = I follow you = je te suis?

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5 August 2016


Bonjour J, Well, I'm not sure that anyone would ever say "I am you" but yes, the first person singular conjugations for être and suivre are the same: Je suis.


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8 October 2017


My wife has a great story about learning French in high-school. They were given random slips of paper and told to tell a story. Her's was, "I am a tree." [Je suis un arbre.] She started in with, "I followed a tree to school. Where it was going I do not know." [Je suis un arbre...] She relates that her teacher looked confused, had the lightbulb go off, took off her glasses and laughed for five minutes.


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26 November 2017


Laura, True, one may not say "I am you", but one would say "I follow Jesus Christ". Would the same sentence structure be used in that case: "Je Jésus-Christ suis"?

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