“Le moins vite” or “le plus lent”

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21 November 2017

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“Le moins vite” or “le plus lent”

Is one form preferred over the other or is it a matter of personal choice/context?

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22 November 2017


I guess that depends. The slowest would be "le plus lent", the least quick is "le moins vite". Usage would mostly be determined by context, I would say. -- Chris (not a native speaker).


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10 April 2018


Hi John,

Actually in 'le moins vite''vite' being an adverb its equivalent would be 'le plus lentement', meaning the same thing emphasis being on speed or lack of it:

Arrivez à votre destination le moins vite possible ( or le plus lentement possible)

'Lent' and its opposite 'rapide' are both adjectives.

Here are some examples :

C'est la voiture la plus rapide au monde.

C'est le moyen de transport le plus lent au monde.

Hope this helps!

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