Les nôtres or les nos

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29 December 2016

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Les nôtres or les nos

In the question about ses plantes sont plus belles que _____ I got the response les nos. As incorrect. The correct response is les nôtres. Please help me understand when nos is used?

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French lesson "Le nôtre, le vôtre, le leur, etc = Ours, yours, theirs (possessive pronouns)"


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3 January 2017


Bonjour Meghna ! "Nos" is the possessive adjective "our", which you use with plural nouns: - "Nos amis" (Our friends), "nos grands projets" (our big plans), "nos aventures" (our adventures)... See the lesson: Notre, nos, votre, vos, leur, leurs = our, your, their (possessive adjectives) "Les nôtres" is the possessive pronoun "ours", which replaces a previously mentioned thing: - "À qui sont ces chaussures ? Ce sont les nôtres." (Whose shoes are those? They're ours.) I hope that's helpful! Bonne Année !


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5 January 2017


I think I get it ... M

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