Mangeons-en vs allez-vous en

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20 July 2018

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Mangeons-en vs allez-vous en

The lesson shows us "mangeons-en" and I know that "allez-vous en" is a valid sentence. Both are imperative. Why the difference in construction? Why is it not "mangeons-nous en" or "allez-en"? It is just that "allez-vous en" is an idiom or there some underlying graammatical rule?

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21 July 2018


The difference is that "allez-vous en" comes from a reflexive verb: s'en aller = to go away

See these lessons:

S'en aller = To leave

Forming affirmative commands with reflexive verbs (L'Impératif)



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24 July 2018


Yes I see. Thank you.

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