My typical snowy day

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19 January 2019

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My typical snowy day

Bonjour Madame,

The final text at the end reads-“Je m’assois dans mon canapé.”

Should it not be ‘sur’ ? (For saying - I sit on the sofa)

Merci d’avance !

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20 January 2019


Hi Varsha,

Well  spotted! That’s an interesting point much debated on forums ...

You can say both but for me the difference is in the type of sitting you are doing . You will use ‘sur’ if you are quite upright like, 

Je m’assois sur un banc, sur une chaise, sur un tabouret (a bench, a chair, a stool).

In the context of the cosyness aspect required, ‘dans’ fits better, you would use it for an armchair too -

...dans un fauteuil 

Hope this helps


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20 January 2019


Understood the subtle difference !

Merci Beaucoup Madame Cécile !

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