Note about répartir

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29 April 2018

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Note about répartir

The note about répartir in this lesson:

Note that the verb répartir is NOT a derivative of partir, but shares its root with the word repartition, and does follow the regular -IR conjugation.

Is a little confusing, because 'partir' is not mentioned anywhere, and there is a very subtle difference with 'repartir' that is also not mentioned. Having some of this context would help!

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30 April 2018


Hi Rant,

I understand your confusion ..

The verb 'partir' isn't included because it is an irregular verb and does not conjugate like the regular verbs ending in IR, 'finir''choisir'  which go

" issons, issez, issent" in the plural forms BUT

je pars, tu pars, il/elle/on part, nous partons , vous partez, ils/elles partent.

Répartir however is a regular verb , and follow the regular verbs ending in IR conjugation rules.

Hopes this helps!



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