Tu aimes le violet? Oui, c'est tres jolie!

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28 May 2018

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Tu aimes le violet? Oui, c'est tres jolie!

If this asking if you like a specific colour. Why is it not "Oui, il est tres jolie!

Another referred to ma coupe - it was Elle est tres ....., WHY elle here?


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28 May 2018


I guess it is because it is anything in violet, not a specific color. You would probably say:

Tu aimes la couleur de mon pull? -- Oui, il te va bien.

Concerning the haircut: it is a specific haircut, namely yours and not any haircut in general. Hence "elle".

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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29 May 2018


Or, Oui, elle te va bien. If you want to refer to the specific color of the sweater. 

-- Chris. 


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29 May 2018


Hi Dragana,

Yes 'violet' refers to the colour here :

J'adore le violet , c'est très joli. (I love purple it's a beautiful colour)

You would use 'c'est' + adjective in the masculine form for general comments.

Le bleu, c'est beau mais froid comme couleur dans une chambre.

( Blue is a beautiful colour but cold for a bedroom.)

J'ai peint ma salle à manger en jaune, c'est très gai. (I painted my dining room in yellow , it's very cheerful)

I agree with Chris on the haircut it is most specific here.

Hope this helps!


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