Using ‘aller’ for imperative with reflexive verbs

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31 January 2018

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Using ‘aller’ for imperative with reflexive verbs

Bonsoir, The lesson indicated that when we use ‘aller’ for an imperative with a reflexive verb we should use the infinitive form of the verb as in: Allez, vous habiller! So the answer provided for the corresponding question should have been: Allez, vous embrasser! Instead, it was : Allez, embrassez-vous! Can you please explain why? Thanks!

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31 January 2018


Hi "M", I don't think the "allez" has anything to do with how the imperative is formed. it is just like "Go on" in English, before the actual imperative comes. The declarative sentence: Vous vous embrassez. (You kiss each other.) The imperative: Embrassez-vous ! (Kiss each other!) The important part is that, starting from the declarative you drop the subject and invert the word order of the remaining words. Also, make sure the verb is in the imperative form and the pronound is the stress pronoun. Tu te lèves. (You get up.) Lève-toi ! (Get up!) -- Notice that the imperative of "lever" in the 2nd person singular is "lève", which is different form the ordinary 2nd person ("lèves"). And the "te" becomes "toi", which is the stressed form of "tu". Go on, wash yourself! -- Allez, lavez-vous ! Chris (not a native speaker).


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7 February 2018


I am returning to your qestion because I believe I didn't completely answer it in my first try.

You can say, "Allez vous embrasser!" -- Go kiss each other! It has a different connotation from "Allez, embrassez-vous!" -- Go on, kiss each other.

A native speaker's input would be appreciated here, though.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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1 September 2018


Hi M,

As Chris has pointed out there is a slight difference between in meaning between,

Allez vous embrasser! Go and kiss each other!


Allez, embrassez-vous! = Go on, have a kiss!

Very subtle , I admit...

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