Vouliez vs. veuilliez


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14 January 2017

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Vouliez vs. veuilliez

When I read signs etc. that seem to use the subjunctive they use "que vous veuilliez" What am I missing? :-)

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16 January 2017


Bonjour Janice ! The form that you see on signs (veuillez, not veuilliez) - and that indeed looks similar to Le Subjonctif Présent - is actually L'Impératif Présent, used to express commands and advice. The difference is that with L'Impératif you don't express the verb's subject ([vous] Veuillez), and of course that Le Subjonctif Présent form with "vous" would be "vous vouliez". In French, you'll use "Veuillez + infinitif" as a formal polite way to ask someone to do something: "Veuillez ouvrir votre cahier." (Please open your notebook.) "Veuillez m'excuser" (Please do excuse me) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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17 January 2017


Hello, yes that is great thank you Aurélie. I was definitely confused by that difference on signs! What also confused me though was when I tried to look vouloir up on the Figaro conjugasion site there seemed to be two forms of conjugasions?! What are the 1ere and 2eme forme of a verb? Not all of the forms of vouloir change... http://leconjugueur.lefigaro.fr/conjugaison/verbe/vouloir.html Thank you :-)

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