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Vous avez fatigue?

Denis P.A0Kwiziq community member

Vous avez fatigue?

Asked 7 years ago
Denis P.A0Kwiziq community member
Non, je ne fatigue pas
AurélieKwiziq team member
Bonjour Denis ! To express "to be tired" in French, you will use the verb "être" (to be) as such: "Vous êtes fatigué ? / Tu es fatigué ? - Non, je ne suis pas fatigué." "Je ne fatigue pas." means "I don't tire." I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !
Andrea R.A0Kwiziq community member
Je ai fatigué
Nick C.A2Kwiziq community member
The french language tends not to like putting vowels in pairs......so it would be J'ai - however it is "I am tired" not I have tired.  So .........Je suis fatigué.

Vous avez fatigue?

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