When "quelque chose" is used as a subject, are adjectives feminine?

When "quelque chose" is used as a subject, are adjectives feminine?

I've seen the sentences "Quelque chose est arrivé." and "Quelque chose est arrivée." Which is correct?
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Bonnie ! "Quelque chose" is an indefinite pronoun, the contrary to "rien": it is therefore neutral, so will be followed with masculine: "Quelque chose est arrivé." "Quelque chose de beau." (Something beautiful) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !
Bonjour Aurélie! Yes, it's VERY helpful -- that's what I was finding made the most sense, but when I found French text with the added -e, I wondered if I had been doing it wrong all along... ALSO thank you (or someone at kwiziq.com) for pointing out that IL Y A is used with weather expressions that precede nouns rather than IL FAIT. I was definitely taught "Il fait beau/mauvais/etc.", but also "Il fait du soleil/du vent/etc.". I have many many (MANY!) books and handouts that lack the "Il y a..." weather expressions and give instead the "Il fait..." ones. I will have to apologize to my students and do a lot of deleting/changing!! Thank you for kwiziq, and for answering my question so quickly!

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