Why There is toi et elle devez prendre une décision.?

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4 March 2018

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Why There is toi et elle devez prendre une décision.?

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5 March 2018


Hi Shruti,

again, this is a case of stress pronouns. "Toi" is the stress pronoun for "tu" and "elle" is the same as personal and stress pronoun. 

You and her -- Toi et elle  

you and him -- Toi et lui  

She and them -- Elle et eux

-- Chris (not a native speaker). 


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5 March 2018


Bonjour Shruti !

Same case here as previously.
While in English, you could nowadays use colloquially either you/she or you/her in subject groups, in French, you can only use the stress pronouns toi/elle.

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Bonne journée !

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