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why use d' in front of adorable?


Kwiziq community member

16 June 2016

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why use d' in front of adorable?

why is d' used with, elles ont fait d'adorable bracelets and des used with, vous aver fait les des cookies pour la foire. I understand adorable begins with a vowel, as there are mulitple cookies, I don't understand why the plural, des, has not been used. Thankyou

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Kwiziq community member

17 June 2016


Hi Clare -the partitive article 'des' changes to 'de' (or d' in front of a vowel) when the noun to which it's referring is preceded by an adjective. Hope that helps.


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17 June 2016


Bonjour Clare !

Here is the link to the lesson related to the point Hilary made:

À bientôt !

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