Write "I'm walking my dog": Je ________ mon chien.


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9 April 2017

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Write "I'm walking my dog": Je ________ mon chien.

I thought that the answer for this gap is promené, but it’s actually promène. Is it promène because of the word ‘am’ in I’m ? Would it be promené if the sentence was ‘I walk my dog’ ?

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10 April 2017


Bonjour Alexandra ! No, "je promène" is the present form of "promener", and in French it means either "I walk" or "I'm walking" depending on the context. "Promené" is the past participle of that verb (= I have *walked*), and it's used in compound tenses (with "avoir") such as Le Passé Composé : "J'ai promené mon chien." (I walked my dog.) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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