Aren't these pronouns just object pronouns?

RachelA1Kwiziq community member

Aren't these pronouns just object pronouns?

Asked 6 years ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Rachel,

There are different sets of pronouns in French .  Fortunately the 'nous' and 'vous' pronouns tend to remain the same in all of them!

These stress pronouns are the ones which come after prepositions too , so I find that a good way to learn them is after the 'chez' ( at the home of) .

Chez moi, chez toi, chez elle, chez lui, chez nous, chez vous, chez eux, chez elles.

Hope this helps!

LauraKwiziq team member

Bonjour Rachel,

While most stress pronouns are similar to object pronouns, there's one big difference: the indirect object pronoun lui is both masculine and feminine, while for stress pronouns, there is a separate feminine form: elle.

RachelA1Kwiziq community member

Hi Laura, yes, I see that these are a separate set of pronouns from the Direct Object and Indirect Object sets. My question was more based on the usage; basically, when I would use these vs using the object pronouns. I think I've gotten them straight now, to some extent. :)


RachelA1Kwiziq community member

Hi Celcile,

Thanks! I see that they are a different set from the object pronouns - I was curious more so about the usage; in other words, when to use these vs when to use object pronouns. But your explanation about the prepositions in very helpful in explaining the difference.

Aren't these pronouns just object pronouns?

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