C'est nul vs Il est nul


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5 August 2018

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C'est nul vs Il est nul

The quiz asked "It's lame", "_____ nul".

The answer that it wants is "C'est nul".

Why can't it be "Il est nul"?

Suppose the sentence was a response to the question "What do you think of that film?"

The answer is providing an opinion with an adjective which it is applying to a specific thing - "that film".

That sounds a lot like case 2b in the lesson:

"2. Cases expressing opinions or simple statements (adjectives) about prementioned things"

"b. il est/elle est  for statements and opinions related to specific things"

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French lesson "C'est = It is"


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13 September 2018


C’est nul


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14 September 2018


A more elaborate reply would be appreciated.

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