Faire de, jouer à

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31 July 2018

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Faire de, jouer à

Just wondering if it might be possible to add a note after the end of the examples for »jouer à/au » and sport saying NB when you play an instrument however you say « jouer à la/au » just to remind people that jouer is used in this way also???

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31 July 2018


Je joue au foot. 

Je joue de la guitare. 


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31 July 2018


Hi Marnie,

For musical instruments we use,  'jouer de'.

A few more examples -

jouer de la guitare,

jouer de la clarinette,

jouer du piano ,

jouer du tambour,

jouer de la harpe

jouer des castagnettes....


Hope  this helps!


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1 August 2018


thanks Cécile it does. Just think it would be useful to mention this in the faire/jouer section on playing sports...as a note...”but when used with instruments it is ‘Jouer de/etc”.  I see somebody else agrees with me.


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2 August 2018


Bonjour Marnie !

This was an excellent suggestion, and I've now added it to the lesson above :)

Merci et bonne journée !

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