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French is difficult,Why?

Robert S.A0Kwiziq community member

French is difficult,Why?

I am just getting to learn the French language and I find it pretty difficult.Please why is this so? Thank you.

Asked 2 years ago
Chris W.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

I just re-read your question today and feel that a lot of people start learning French and then drop it again after only a short time. The key is to be creative in making learning French fun for yourself. Here are a few suggestions that worked for me or people I know:

Put sticky notes with the French word for that object on things around you. Put the French "solution" on the back side of the note so that you can take a peek if you need to remind yourself.

There is a language exchange site on the internet (www.mylanguageexchange.com) where you can pair up with a French native speaking tutor in exchange for tutoring him or her in your native language.

Watch movies in French (with English subtitles in the beginning). Netflix has lots of movies either dubbed or in original French with your choice of subtitle language.

Listen to French music (e.g., chansons, pop, rap, etc.). Don't sweat it if you don't understand much. Your brain will pick up on the language nonetheless.

Get yourself a French book. I recommend "Le petit Nicholas". It is simple French, a fun read, and available as a free download.

Maybe other people have more ideas and can post them as well?

Chris W.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

How many other foreign languages have you learned so far? Studying a language trains new skills, which takes time. Nobody started riding bicycles and won the Tour de France at the same day.

It's important to do everything to make it fun for yourself. Go at the pace you feel comfortable with. Make friends who also learn French. Immerse yourself in the language. And, if possible, travel to France.

Jim J.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Hi Robert,

I asked myself the very same question 22 years ago.

Here I am continuing to learn daily, it's an adventure and takes dedication, determination and it is a marathon, not a sprint.

As Chris has said above immerse yourself. Set your phone and car Sat Nav to French try to think French in your daily tasks.

Bonne continuation.


Mariam G.A0Kwiziq community member

I think that if you are not french yourself, the conjugation becomes extremely difficult. As an English person myself we are just given the correct way of saying and spelling things without thinking about the  different genders, whereas in french we have to apply all these rules.

French is difficult,Why?

I am just getting to learn the French language and I find it pretty difficult.Please why is this so? Thank you.

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