I'm sat between Lea and Tim.


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29 November 2016

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I'm sat between Lea and Tim.

I've never in the U.S. heard this. We say I am seated between Lea and Tim. or I was seated between them. Not sure what grammar book uses this expression, I am sat. Never heard it. I sat down is used

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29 November 2016


Merci beaucoup Sandra ! The English translation of this example has now been edited :) Bonne journée !


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19 June 2017


It could also be «I am sitting between Lea and Tim.»


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22 August 2017


To say 'I'm sat between Lea and Tom' may not be grammatically correct but it is commonly used in the UK - must be colloquial!


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30 June 2018


If I say 'I was sat' instead of 'I was sitting' we Brits generally mean that we did not chose our seating place but were asked to sit there by our host/hostess or a seating plan.


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24 October 2018


Americans will use ‘I was seated’ in the same circumstances, as in ‘At the gala, I was seated between Steven and John’.

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