I need clarification on this:

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16 May 2018

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I need clarification on this:

" You won't use this in Indirect Speech where whether = if. " Doesn't it always? I need a lot more examples.

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21 May 2018


Hi CrystalMaiden,

Take a look at the following examples:

J'ai oublié de lui demander s'il pouvait me conduire à l'aéroport  samedi. (I forgot to ask him whether/if he could take me to the airport on Saturday.)

Nous ne sommes pas sûrs s'il va pleuvoir ou pas. (We are not sure whether/if it's going to rain or not .)

Il est impossible de savoir si la banque va augmenter le taux d'intérêt le mois prochain.

(It's impossible to know whether/if the bank is going to increase the interest rate next month.)

In all those cases, 'whether' means 'if' and not 'regardless of which' which will be followed by the subjunctive, as in - 

Qu'il vienne ou pas, on y va quand même ! (Whether he comes or not, we are going all the same!)

Nous irons au parc qu'il pleuve ou pas. (We'll go to the park , whether it rains or not)


Hope this helps!



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21 May 2018


Bonjour !

I've now updated the lesson to make that point clearer :)

Bonne journée !

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