is the audio for :Vous faites tous vos devoirs? correct?


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26 August 2016

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is the audio for :Vous faites tous vos devoirs? correct?

On ne prononce pas le "s" in le mot"tous" , n'est pas?

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29 August 2016


Bonjour Kristin !

Actually, in this case, you do pronounce [tooss].
Indeed, when tous is used on its own, meaning "all" (or in front of a vowel), you will pronounce the "s", as it is the case here "Vous faites tous vos devoirs." (You're all doing your homework.).

However, I understand the trickiness here, as this French sentence could also mean "You're doing all (of) your homework", in which case tous goes with vos devoirs, and should then be pronounced [too] with a silent "s".

Here's a link to the related lesson which contains a pronunciation guide:

I hope that's helpful!

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