pronoun y

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6 December 2017

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pronoun y

Il faut que j'y aille is translated as "I must go" but shouldn't it be "I must go there" - or is the "there" implied?

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6 December 2017


Yes, in fact, the pronoun "y" connotes "there". However, there is also an idiomatic meaning, like in "on y va" which is used just as "let's go" (without the "there"). So I would say the exact maning depends on context. The opinion of a native speaker would be greatly appreciated. -- Chris.


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22 February 2018


Hi Steven,

As Chris rightly says, the " y" in Il faut que j'y aille  is idiomatic. we don't really know what it refers to and a better English translation would be, I've  got to go .

Hard to explain it's just how it is .


Hope this helps!

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