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27 April 2017

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I am unsire about the pronunciation of several forms of "avoir". Sometimes [a] dominates and sometimes [e], for example "que j'aie" is [kəʒe] but "avoir" is [avwaʁ]. How is "que nous ayons" pronounced?

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28 April 2017


Bonjour Johannes ! In "aie", you have the phoneme "ai" which is pronounced [e] in French :) The word "ayons" is a bit trickier indeed: In French, when a "y" is used between two vowels, it's going to be *counted twice*: - first as a vowel, similar to an "i", after the "a", creating the sound "ai" [e] - then as a consonant before "ons", producing the sound [j] (ye) So "ayons" is pronounced [ejɔ̃] :) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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29 April 2017


Dear Aurélie Very much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Johannes

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