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8 December 2017

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It is not grammar related question, but I would love to know why Quebec behaves like a country? Is it because of the referendum?

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9 December 2017


It is probable that the reason is the same as «au Texas» but I am unable to provide the reasoning.


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12 December 2017


English, by the way, isn't any more logical. One says "I go to Styria" but "I go to the Tyrol." Styria and Tyrol being to counties in Austria. Or "I am from England" but "I go to the Bahamas." -- Chris.


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28 February 2018


Hi Jessie,

As "Quebec" is a Province of Canada, it will behave in grammatical terms just like other regions, states and shires having its own article to denote it. So you will have "le Québec, la Normandie, le Missouri, le Yorkshire" etc..

nothing to do with the referendum...

Hope this helps!

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