question of proper tense

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12 August 2017

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question of proper tense

For translating: When she wins the race, she'll be happy, I used aura gagné because it happens first. But the correct answer was Quand elle gagnera. I figured they were trying to trick me with the "When she wins". Wouldn't it be correct to use the future perfect?


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12 August 2017


Bonjour Ann, Here is a link from another of Laura's sites that addresses this grammar point. Bonne chance, à bientôt


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23 August 2017


Bonjour Ann !

Here Le Futur Antérieur would be the equivalent of "When she's won the race", whereas "when she wins the race" expresses a simlutaneity of action, hence the use of Le Futur here.

Here is a link to our related lesson:

I hope that's helpful!
À bientôt !

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