Starting a sentence with "quoi"

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28 July 2018

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Starting a sentence with "quoi"

I was marked wrong on using 'quoi" as "what" at the start a sentence. The correct answer is supposedly "que." Why is "quoi" not also acceptable? 

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29 July 2018


Hi M,

Without the context it is hard to tell but I suspect based on the lesson content that it would be something like:

"Que veut Paul?" ("What does Paul want?")

You could say, "Paul veut quoi?"( in spoken French) but never at the begining of the sentence.

Normally you will hear Quoi ? , used in a single word as the interrogative pronoun What? (as in 'Pardon?')

In French you will say Quoi? or more politely Comment?

It is used also in some idiomatic expressions like:

Quoi de neuf? = Wha'ts new?

À quoi bon ...? = What's the point...?

Il n'y a pas de quoi Don't mention it

Hope this helps!


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