Surely quitter and partir can both mean to leave.

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11 May 2018

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Surely quitter and partir can both mean to leave.

In a recent C1 test I was asked to complete the sentence, " Après........, ils se sont perdus."

After leaving, they got lost. I wrote, " Après avoir quitté, ils se sont perdus". My answer was marked as incorrect. Why?

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11 May 2018


Bonjour Alan !

Actually, although partir and quitter can both mean "to leave", they are not really interchangeable, and are used in different contexts.

Have a look at our related lesson:

However, I agree that it would be less confusing to give the right verb to use with this question, and I've now added it as a hint, to remove any ambiguity :)

Thank you very much for getting in touch!

Bonne journée !

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