tout le monde est nouveau? Why not nouvel

tout le monde est nouveau? Why not nouvel

I seem to vaguely remember that there are two ways of talking about new, depending on how new the object is. Here I used nouvel but the correct answer was nouvel? Can anyone enlighten me?
Asked 3 years ago
GruffKwiziq language super star

Hi Jennifer, nouvel is used for the masculine form only when it's followed by a vowel or mute h.

More info here:



As Gruff said, "nouvel" is used for the male form when it starts with a vowel or silent h. When you talk about the two forms of "new" you probably mean nouveau/nouvelle vs. neuf/neuve. 

"Ma nouvelle voiture" is a car that is new to you but not newly made. 

"Ma voiture neuve" is a car hot off the assembly line. 

-- Chris (not a native speaker). 

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