Very boring story.

CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Sorry to hear that!

HalimA0Kwiziq community member

Nooo, it's nice and clear, especially for our level

StephenC1Kwiziq community member

It was very instructive at my level of French, and clearly showed the use of the "imperfect"

DeniseC1Kwiziq community member

Surely you should use apporter, not emmener 

IlseA1Kwiziq community member

write down all the imparfait verbs

HeenaA2Kwiziq community member

J'aime bien votre site. J'apprends depuis longtemps et cela m'a beaucoup aidé.

Merci! :)

TracyA1Kwiziq community member

The story is written in the imparfait which is an important tense to know.

Very boring story.

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