When do you use "ont été" without "par"?

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7 July 2018

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When do you use "ont été" without "par"?

Speaking about vegan activists this week, News in Slow French used these forms. I can't even find them on conjugation sites! Are they la voix passive? They don't use "par"...

"Boucheries ont été vandalisées ces dernier mois."

"Magazins ont été aspergés de faux sang."

D'autres ont eu brisées les vitrines."

Very confusing. Thanks for your help!


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8 July 2018


Hi Donna,

It is the 'voix passive' . In those little snippets of information we are not told who did those deeds in the sentences, so no 'par' required. But the magasins all have endured these actions.

N.B. The final one should be "D'autres ont eu les vitres brisées". 

(Others had their windows broken.)

Hope this helps!


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8 July 2018


Thank you, Cécile.

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