Future tenses

Future tenses refer to future time. French future verb forms include le Futur Simple, le Futur Proche and le Futur Antérieur.

For example:

  • Events that will take place in the future (le Futur Simple):
    • Quand elle ira à Londres, elle achètera une photo du Prince Harry.
      When she goes to London, she'll buy a photo of Prince Harry.

  • Events that are going to happen in the near future (le Futur Proche):
    • Ils vont y aller. - They are going to go there.

  • Actions that will have finished at some time in the future ('the past in the future' using le Futur Antérieur):
    • Elle aura fini ses devoirs avant de sortir.
      She will have finished her homework before going out.

(English has an additional future verb form: the Future Progressive.)

Future time can also be expressed with le Présent. For example:

  • Demain, je pars pour Barcelone. - Tomorrow, I leave for Barcelona.

  • On se voit demain, c'est sûr. - We'll see each other tomorrow for sure.

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