Conférence de presse (question words practice)

Press conferenceTest yourself on French question words with this fill-in-the-blank exercise:

   Conférence de presse

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08 March 2019

1 replies

Bonjour Madame !
A great representative of a Press Conference in French. A small question I raise here -
Je me demandais à quelle spécialité locale j’allais goûter ce jour-là !
Could “demandais” be replaced by “demanderais” to indicate ‘I would wonder’ ?
Merci et À bientôt !

Laura K. Lawless

14 March 2019

No. In English, "would" has two meanings: something that could/might happen (If I weren't working tomorrow, I would go ...) and something that happened regularly in the past (When I was young, I would go ...) In French you have to use le conditionnel for the first and l'imparfait for the second. In this exercise, we're talking about the past, so it requires l'imparfait.

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