A little update on what we're up to: freeform French testing

Bonjour à tous!

A leetle update from me to let you know where we are with a new feature.

Freeform Text Entry for French Test Questions

We develop new content all the time in the background, but we’re also working on new features such as freeform text questions. Currently all of our French test question (about 3,000 of them covering nearly 500 French grammar topics) are multiple-choice questions. The freeform feature will start to challenge you to write answers in blank spaces instead, but only once Kwiziq (our smart testing software) decides you’re confident enough to have a go. If you get the answer wrong, it may challenge you with multiple choice again next time you take a Kwiz depending on how wrong you were.

It’s proving a bit harder to implement this than we originally hoped but it is coming.

A bientot!


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