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At the football [US: soccer] game

"Au match de foot"
French B2 writing exercise

Henri took his dad to a football [US:soccer] game for Father's Day.

Vocabulaire - Le football

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to be at one's best", "game play", "opposing", "to get close to", "disconcerting ease", "two-nil", "to continue along the same lines", "icing on the cake".

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This year, for Father's Day, I took my father to see a football [US: soccer] game. Last time we had done that together was in 2011! Our team hadn't been at its best recently, so we feared this game would be depressing, but on the contrary, we weren't disappointed at all! In the first minutes of game play, the opposing front striker committed a foul, and we scored a penalty goal! During the entire first period, our team dominated, and the rare times when the opposing strikers got close to our goal, our goal keeper stopped them with disconcerting ease. At half time, we were leading two-nil. The second period continued along the same lines, with, icing on the cake, a red card for their defender!

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