il y a

Bonsoir Lisa, I do not see a question noted here, but the assumption is that it relates to «il y a». Please repost along with your question. Bonne soirée.
Il y a = there is/there are in the present tense. Il y avait = there were in the imperfect tense. OR Il y a = ago e.g. Il y a un ans, il y avait douze membres dans le groupe. = A year ago there were three members in the group.
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Do you have a particular question Lisa?

not to be rude in any way, but a small correction should be done to the example which refers to the practical use of "il y a" & "il y avait" in this discussion - even though it should be clear to most pupils on this level ; ) - douze should be translated with twelve, not three : )

Thanks for a nice tool for improving my skills in French, both in the question of speaking & writing - I really enjoy the excersises and the way each part - taker in them are getting personal feedback as well. The learning proces is almost like a funny game and that is a great plus for my wish to go on with it, to learn as much & fast as possible of this exciting and beatiful language !

Sorry, you are absolutely right Rune, that was a very silly mistake, and lack of concentration.  Probably the same reason that you made three spelling errors and one grammatical error.  

Sorry!  Couldn't resist it.

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Let me take a look at that...