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Hi Damien,

you are correct in that the past participle does not match the COD in the case of avoir

BUT (and there always is a but!)

except for the case when the COD precedes the particple, in which case it IS matched. Let's look at your example:

Nous les avons préparés. --"les" is the COD and precedes the participle ("préparés"). Since "les" is plural (and apparently not all female), the participle needs to take this into account --> "preparés".

-- Chris (not a anative speaker).

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Bonjour Damien and Chris !

Here is the link to our lesson on past participle agreement with the direct object pronoun with auxiliary avoir :

Bonne journée ! 

DamienB1Kwiziq community member
nous les avons préparés. Why not préparé? i thought past participle did not change to match subject when avoir is auxiliary.
DamienB1Kwiziq community member
thanks Chris, very interesting. By the way, what does COD stand for? i would have called "les" a direct object pronoun. 
ChrisC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

COD = Complément d'objet direct.

Yes, "direct object pronoun" is exactly what COD means.

-- Chris.

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