Vous êtes entré OR vous êtes entrés?

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19 April 2016

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Vous êtes entré OR vous êtes entrés?

Shouldn't it be vous êtes entrés?

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19 April 2016


Bonjour Chiara !

Thanks for your question on the site. 

I understand your confusion but here is the explanation: ''vous'' can, as you know, be used both for plural you, and for polite, formal you. 
In the second case, it has a singular meaning, as it relates to a single person.

So in le Passé Composé, when you use the formal 'vous', it will agree with the single person it refers to: it was the case here, therefore ''Vous êtes entré [...]''.

Moreover, in different contexts, you could also encounter the plural versions ''Vous êtes entrés'' or ''Vous êtes entrées'' (for a whole woman group), as well as the feminine version ''Vous êtes entrée''. 

​I hope that's helpful.


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9 February 2018


It is helpful :). Thank you

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