Why is Lui used in the following sentence?


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11 April 2017

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Why is Lui used in the following sentence?

I don't understand the use of lui rather than il in this sentence. Paul est mon meilleur ami. Lui, seul comprend mes problèmes.

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11 April 2017


Bonjour Judy ! In this sentence, "lui" is the disjunctive/stress pronoun (moi, toi, elle, lui...) rather than the indirect object pronoun. It is usually used for emphasis, but this is the specific case when you use it in conjonction with "seul" to express "only he" : "Lui seul me comprend." (Only he understands me.) "Moi seul la comprend." (Only I understand her.) "Elle seule t'écoute." (Only she listens to you.) etc I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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