Première personne

French First Person

The first person refers to the person speaking or a group that includes one or more people speaking.

For example

Je vais à la plage.
  -> je is the person speaking.

Nous sommes allés à la mer.
  -> nous includes the person speaking.

In addition to singular and plural forms, first person has subject, object, stress and possessive forms.

First person pronouns

  Subject  Reflexive Object Stress Possessive
singular je me me moi mon, ma, mes, le mien...
plural nous nous nous nous notre, nos, le nôtre...
* on se nous nous notre, nos, le nôtre...


*Note: case of on

The pronoun on is tricky in French because, in terms of conjugation, it is considered the third person singular (conjugates like il/elle), but, in terms of meaning, it can be either a first person plural (we) or an impersonal third person singular (it/one) or plural (they), depending on context.

For example

On est allés à la mer. - We went to the seaside.

On dit qu'il est dangereux. - It is said / They say that he's dangerous.

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