Team Kwiziq

Kwiziq is a UK start-up with a multinational and multilingual team, and we manage to do amazing things tapping away in our respective home offices, communicating primarily via tools like Slack and Skype. But as anyone who has ever met an internet friend IRL knows, there’s something quite magical about face-to-face meetings, and the first Team Kwiziq get-together last month was no exception.

London at night
© Bartek Szymanski

Monday morning, we flew into London from France and Poland and Guadeloupe. By day we worked, elbows and laptops practically touching as we crowded around Kwiziq HQ’s conference (aka, Gareth’s dining room) table. We broke out into smaller groups as needed, and the kitchen became a secondary hub, where we chatted about ideas and issues while fixing snacks or getting more coffee. (Gareth’s espresso machine deserves to be an honorary team member.) The passion, creativity, and hard work on display all week were incredibly inspiring.

By night, we got to know the real people behind the avatars and handles we’re normally limited to, as we explored London’s sites, restaurants, and pubs.

The week flew by and we flew home, but our time together left a lasting impression and continues to enliven our online interactions. Now that we all know each other, we’re looking forward to our next team meeting even more than the first!

Team Kwiziq

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Laura K Lawless

Laura is a French expert and Kwiziq's Head of Quality Control. Online educator since '99, Laura is passionate about language, travel, and cooking. She's American by birth and a permanent ex-pat by choice - freelancing made it possible for her to travel extensively and live in several countries before settling permanently in Guadeloupe. Laura is the author of Lawless French, Lawless Spanish, and other websites and books on French, Spanish, Italian, English, and vegetarianism. She spends most of her spare time reading, playing with food, and enjoying water sports.

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What a fabulous idea to share this information! It makes the whole on-line learning experience feel much more human (though no less stressful ?). Keep up the good work!

Bonjour Elizabeth - Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Bonne continuation :-)