direct object pronouns

direct object pronouns

hi can you please help me with this example

J'ai encore des cadeaux à acheter - Marie les a déjà tous achetés.

Why is this not Marie en a déjà......

I thought that if it is a partitive then you use en.

thank you for your help



Asked 1 year ago
AurélieKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Bonjour Krissa !

You can only use "en" when you're replacing a group introduced by de, du, de la or des.

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In this sentence - Marie les a déjà tous achetés. - the presence of "tous" means that the original sentence would be :
Marie a déjà acheté tous les cadeaux.
So no "des" here, therefore "en" is not an option in this sentence, only the direct object pronoun les is correct here.  

Bonne journée !

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