Noël en France - Christmas in France

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Noël en France

Christmas in France 
How is Christmas celebrated in France? How are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day different in France than in the US or UK? Our bilingual article – with audio! – has everything you need to know – just click any phrase to see the English translation as well as links to lessons on the relevant French grammar.

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OH! Merci beacoup pour Noel en France!!!

Hi at beginning of article Noel in France why do they say tous les ans rather than toutes les annees?

Bonjour Paul,

French has two different words for "year," as explained in this lesson. You use an when talking about a simple unit of time, which is the case with tous les ans.

I hope this helps!

Merci beaucoup pour cet article. C est avec plaisir que je l ai lu.
J'avais l eau a la bouche. L annee prochaine je celebrerais le reveillon avec ma famille.
Je trouve cette tradition tres chaleureuse.

Méme le Reveillon à l'air trés convivial, à mon avis, je serais être trop fatigué de vraiment apprecie les cadeaux à cet heure en plus peut-etre manger trop et buver trop ! Bonne année !

Excuse the English: In your commentary about Christmas celebrations, you did not mention a church service. Although many Americans do not go to church, almost everyone I know goes to either Christmas Eve mass or a church service on Christmas day. That is, after all, the idea of Christmas, the celebration of Christ's birth. Does anyone go to church in France these days?