The Kwiziq Score explained

The Kwiziq scoring system is different to other scoring systems

The most important thing to understand about the Kwiziq Score is that it is not a test score, but rather a measure of confidence. It indicates how confident the system is that you know a given element of the language. If you're wondering where you stand currently, consider taking our quick French test to get a clearer picture.

Kwiziq (the power behind Kwiziq French) uses a complex probabilistic algorithm to estimate confidence in a topic based on how you have answered questions over time.  The score also takes into account how much "help" you were given when answering questions; so, for example, you can't get a high score by answering a question with only two answers. But as you improve you'll be challenged with harder (freeform) questions where you can really prove you know your stuff and get high scores.

Kwiziq scores range from -100% to 100%

The scores you see will initially be much lower than you may be used to and yes, they can actually be negative! Whilst this might seem strange at first (and perhaps a little discouraging) this is a deliberate design of the scoring system and can be very powerful in helping you to address problems that are ignored by other systems.

You don't normally need to understand what the score means: it's used internally to help choose topics and questions for you, but if you're curious to know what the ranges mean, here's a broad explanation:

Negative scores

Negative Kwiziq scores indicate you have probably mislearned something or that you are making a transference error. You'll only get negative scores over time if you consistently answer wrongly. And since negative scores subtract from positive ones, you should skip questions where you are not sure of the answers.

Zero scores

Zero indicates this is an area you have not yet demonstrated confidence, have yet to test, or (rarely) are making as many mistakes as you are getting things correct.

Positive scores

Postive scores indicate you have consistently answered correctly over time. Your Kwiziq will gradually rise as you demonstrate to the system that you know a particular item well.  

Note that your previous performance in tests affects your current score, so it may take time for the system to be certain that you truly know something.

What is a good Kwiziq Score?

You can find scores for each lesson and level.

  • Scores between 0 and 50% indicate you have work to do.
  • Scores between 50 % and 74% are very good (and earn a bronze star / shield).
  • Scores above 75% show a very high level of competence (and earn a silver star / shield).
  • Scores above 90% demonstrate mastery (and earn a gold star / shield).
  • Scores of 100% indicate perfection (and earn a diamond star / shield).
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