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French Tenses and Moods by CEFR Level

Number of topics in each level for each tense/mood

If you'd like to know at which CEFR level you'll start to learn a specific French tense/mood with Kwiziq French, this table shows the number of topics we have for each one by level.

Curious about which CEFR level you currently stand at? Take our test to find out!

You can click any name to see a list of all of Kwiziq French's lessons for that tense/mood. You can add any topics you want to practise to your Notebook. Alternatively, you can choose just to take tests at a specific level from your Dashboard in the "Choose your own adventure" section and let KwizBot do the rest.

(Want to practise something other than tenses and moods? Check out the glossary to see all of Kwiziq French's French grammar topics. Or, you can see all 500 French grammar topics organised by level and area.)



Entry Level




Lower Intermediate




Upper Intermediate


Présent indicatif 6 33 13 1 2 2
Futur proche   1     1  
Impératif     2 4 2  
Passé composé     18 5 9 2
Imparfait     8 2 1  
Conditionnel 1     7   1
Futur Simple       14 1 1
Subjonctif         19 4
Plus-que-parfait         5 1
Futur antérieur         4 2
Passé simple         8 9
Conditionnel passé         5 1
Subjonctif passé         1 4